About us
SLS Chemtech Pvt. Ltd is an emerging, professionally managed firm in the PCB Industries, Pharmaceuticals, Chemical Industries and etc, focused on chemical Supplies, Software Development and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). SLS Chemtech was formed in 2008, and is currently employing 6 engineers working on various projects and Services.
Of the host of services that SLS Chemtech Pvt. Ltd provides, it has identified to pursue Sales and Tech service and maintenance. In the Indian market, we are concentrating on Industrial domain. Other services offering like PCB Designing and CAD/CAM for PCB industries.
With the help of dedicated resources, top-notch management team, sound financial backing and growing business opportunities, we are committed to make SLS Chemtech as a respectable and reliable company in the PCB & General Chemical industry.
  Execution Team
  Our employees are key to our success. We value our employees and offer incentive programs based on individual performance, quality and contributions to the success of SLS Chemtech Services. It is this collective knowledge; experience, leadership and commitment to provide our customer with quality service while meeting the highest ethical standards in the performance of our jobs that SLS Chemtech Services shall continually strive to improve service and work on philosophy of achieving quality.